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03-18-06 Footnotes
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1 Sound Opinions H.Q. is in Austin for SXSW this week, but we wanted to leave you with some new music to check out. Here are some Buried Treasures (songs/bands you may not know, but should) that Jim and Greg discussed on this week’s show:

2 The Dials, “Tick Tock

3 Lefties Soul Connection, “Organ Donor

4 Dialated Peoples, “Alarm Clock Music

5 The Subways, “City Pavement

6 Animal Collective, “Did You See the Words?

7 Lying in States, “Tell Me

8 Stereolab, “Interlock

9 Lady Sovereign, “Random

10 Also, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club joined our hosts for an in-studio Buried Treasures performance. Listen to their live songs performed exclusively for Sound Opinions.

Songs Featured in Show #16

The Dials – Tick Tock
Lefties Soul Connection – Organ Donor
Dilated Peoples – Alarm Clock Music
Subways – City Pavement
The Beta Band – Dry the Rain
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Whatever Happened to My Rock and Roll
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Complicated Situation
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Shuffle Your Feet
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Feel It Now
Animal Collective – Did You See the Words
Stereolab – Interlock
Lady Sovereign – Random
Credits: Earth Wind and Fire – Sun Goddess

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