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Show 103: The Annual Turkey Shoot, Alicia Keys & the Hives reviews
11-16-07 Footnotes
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1 Alicia Keys has a record out this week that’s poised to be #1. Keys has been groomed by Clive Davis in the old school star-making machine, and has become one of the biggest recording artists of this decade. Jim has never been overly impressed by Keys' style which is part polished R&B, part gritty hip hop. But, As I Am is so campy and over the top, that he found himself enjoying the record…even the John Mayer duet. Like a bag of candy, Jim knows it’s not good for him, but he gives the record a Buy It. Greg wants to like Keys a lot more; she’s obviously got real talent. But, he thinks her lyrics are nothing but a string of clichés. He also wishes she wasn’t so bogged down by the over-production. He gives As I Am a Trash It.

2 Every Thanksgiving Jim and Greg celebrate by breaking out the double barrel and taking out the year’s biggest musical “turkeys.” These aren’t just flops or bad records, but albums Jim and Greg had high hopes for that turned out to be disappointments. Here are this year’s birds:

The Stooges, The Weirdness
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Feist, The Reminder
Listen to the original review

Bjork, Volta
Listen to the original review

Timbaland, Shock Value
Listen to the original review

The Good, the Bad and the Queen, S/T
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Rilo Kiley, The Moneymaker
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2b Jim and Greg also spoke to two listeners during the show. Here are the turkeys they want to shoot:

Kanye West, Graduation
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Interpol, Our Love to Admire

Post your nominations on the Sound Opinions Message Board.

3 The second album up for review this week is The Black and White Album by Swedish rockers The Hives. The band had a hit in 2000 with “Hate to Say I Told You So,” but have yet to really break through to mainstream audiences (despite obvious attempts by their record company). This album is a change of pace for the garage rockers and has more soul than listeners heard previously. They even teamed up with hip hop producer Pharrell Williams for a couple of tracks. The result works for Greg, though he wishes they’d edited down the number of tracks. Jim agrees that the merging of sounds is really successful. They have a credible groove. Both Jim and Greg give The Black and White Album a Buy It.

Songs Featured in Show #103

Alicia Keys, “No One,” As I Am, 2007
Alicia Keys, “Teenage Love Affair,” As I Am, 2007
Alicia Keys, “Lesson Learned,” As I Am, 2007
The Ohio Players, “Jive Turkey,” Gold, 1976
Timbaland, “2 Man Show,” Shock Value, 2007
The Stooges, “Mexican Guys,” The Weirdness, 2007
Morrissey, “Disappointed,” Everyday Is Like Sunday, 1988
The Good, the Bad and the Queen, “Three Changes,” S/T, 2007
Feist, “1234,” The Reminder, 2007
Kanye West, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” Graduation, 2007
Interpol, “The Lighthouse,” Our Love to Admire, 2007
Rilo Kiley, “Dreamworld,” Under the Blacklight, 2007
Bjork, “Earth Intruders,” Volta, 2007
Moby, “Wild Little Sisters,” The BioShock EP, 2007
The Hives, “Tick Tick Boom,” The Black and White Album, 2007
The Hives, “T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.,” The Black and White Album, 2007
My Blood Valentine, “Only Shallow,” Loveless, 1991
The Andrews Sisters, “The Telephone Song,” Music Lessons with the Andrews Sisters, 2003
Joy Division, “Transmission,” Atmosphere, 1980
The Eagles, “Hotel California,” Hotel California, 1976

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