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Show 104: Buried Treasures
11-23-07 Footnotes
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1 Two scientists out of the University of London recently announced findings that file-sharing in Canada has no negative effect on CD sales. In fact, it increases sales. Jim and Greg speak with one of the researchers, Dr. Birgitte Andersen, about the study and its implications for the music industry. Dr. Andersen explains if you just compare (illegal) downloaders with non-downloaders, the downloaders don’t purchase any more or fewer CDs than those who purchase music traditionally. And if you just look at the purchasing patterns of downloaders, those who download a lot bought more music than those who downloaded a little. There’s been quite a lot of discussion about the meaning of this study, but it seems the music industry needs to find something else to blame for its lack of sales.

2 Jim and Greg unearth another batch of Buried Treasures. Here are this week’s gems:

Against Me!
The Black Lips
Valerie Project
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
Electric Six

Bettye LaVette
The 1900s

Songs Featured in Show #104

The Guess Who, “Share the Land,” Share the Land, 1970
Against Me, “White People for Peace,” New Wave, 2007
Tunng, “Bullets,” Good Arrows, 2007
The Valerie Project, “Fire Fountain,” The Valerie Project 2007
Bettye LaVette, “They Call It Love,” The Scene of the Crime, 2007
Bettye LaVette, “Before the Money Came,” The Scene of the Crime, 2007
The Black Lips, “O Katrina!” Good Bad Not Evil, 2007
Tinariwen, “Cher Achel,” Aman Iman: Water Is Life, 2007
Qui, “New Orleans, Love’s Miracle, 2007
Pinback, “How We Breathe,” Autumn of the Seraphs, 2007
Pinback, “Subbing for Eden,” Autumn of the Seraphs, 2007
The 1900s, “Acutiplantar Dude,” Cold & Kind, 2007
Aspidistra, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, 2007
Electric Six, “Lenny Kravtiz,” I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master, 2007
The Nerves, “Hanging on the Telephone,” The Nerves, 1986
Guns N’ Roses, “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” Appetite For Destruction, 1988
Café Tacuba, “De Acuerdo,” Sino, 2007
My Bloody Valentine, “Sometimes,” Loveless, 1991

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