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04-18-08 Footnotes
Show 125: Ray Davies and reviews of Tokyo Police Club and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
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1 Pop phenom Leona Lewis made news this week by becoming the first British artist to debut at number one on the U.S. album charts. It seems that the hit factory built by Clive Davis and Simon Cowell is serving the X-Factor winner well. She’s poised to become the most successful alum of the Arista-American Idol partnership. But, Jim and Greg are not impressed by Lewis’ dramatic vocal style—one that owes a lot to Mariah Carey. Carey also has a new album out next week called E=MC2. The diva may give the upstart a run for her money, but as Jim and Greg explain, neither have sales that compare with the success of this style of music years ago. Despite the wishes of Davis and Cowell, audiences may be ready for a new sound.

2 One man who is certainly not a flash in the pan is Ray Davies.* The former, and perhaps future, Kinks lead singer joins Jim and Greg to talk about his long history making music and his second solo album, Working Man’s Café. Ray describes how different it is to make music as a solo artist. When he was writing songs for The Kinks he was able to assume different personas. But, the songs on this new album are much more personal. He has to take the credit…or the blame. Ray performs songs off Working Man’s Café, which you can hear during the show and on

*Pronounced Daviz, not Daveez. We promise.

3 Some of Ray Davies’ songs have undoubtedly been affected by his experience being shot by a mugger in 2004, as well as the stroke of his brother Dave Davies. These subjects perhaps contradict the idea of the songwriter as a wit and social satirist. But, as Ray explains, even the lightest, most humorous Kinks tracks started from a serious place.

4 After getting raves with their 2006 EP, Tokyo Police Club have finally released a full-length album called Elephant Shell. The 4-piece band from Ontario signed to Saddle Creek Records to record 11 songs, but don’t expect a denser album. This effort is still a quick jaunt into garage-rock, power-pop, and new wave that ends before you know it. But, neither Jim, nor Greg, is complaining. Jim loves their great sense of melody and high-energy enthusiasm. His only quibble is with the band’s minor diversion into indie-rock pretension. But, overall he gives the record a Buy It. Greg also loves the tightly constructed arrangements, but notes that the band’s lyrics still haven’t developed much. He appreciates their exuberance but thinks they still have room to grow. He gives Elephant Shell a Burn It.

5 On the heels of his critically acclaimed side project Grinderman, Nick Cave is back with The Bad Seeds for a new album called Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! Both Jim and Greg loved the Grinderman album. In fact, it took Jim’s number one slot last year. But, while that record got an A+ from Jim, Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! merely gets an A. Both he and Greg are impressed with Cave’s ability to get stronger with age. He loves Cave’s brilliant, intellectual lyrics that are full of humor and gives the album a Buy It. Greg agrees that the songwriter really amped up the humor, along with standard Cave topics like sex, death and religion. Amazingly those subjects fit into hook-filled pop songs, prompting Greg to give the album another Buy It.

Songs Featured in Show #125
Leona Lewis, "Bleeding Love," Spirit, 2008
Mariah Carey, "Touch My Body," E=MC2, 2008
The Kinks, "All Day and All of the Night," Kinks-Size, 1965
The Kinks, "David Watts," Something Else by the Kinks, 1967
Ray Davies, "My Name," The Storyteller, 1998
The Kinks, "You Really Got Me," The Kinks, 1964
Ray Davies, "Working Mans Cafe," Working Man's Cafe, 2007 Live in Studio
The Kinks, "The Village Green Preservation Society," The Village Green Preservation Society, 1968
The Kinks, "Waterloo Sunset," Something Else by the Kinks, 1967
Ray Davies, "Morphine Song," Working Man's Cafe, 2007
The Kinks, "Dedicated Follower of Fashion," Kinkdom, 1965
Ray Davies, "Vietnam Cowboys," Working Man's Cafe, 2007 Live in Studio
The Kinks, "Well Respected Man," Kinkdom, 1965
Tokyo Police Club, “Graves,” Elephant Shell, 2008
Tokyo Police Club, “Your English Is Good,” Elephant Shell, 2008
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!” Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!! 2008
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Albert Goes West,” Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!! 2008
M83, “Couleurs,” Saturdays=Youth, 2008
New Edition, “Mr. Telephone Man,” New Edition, 1984
The Pixies, “Where is My Mind,” Surfer Rosa, 1988
Disfear, “Get It Off,” Live the Storm, 2008
Tim Fite “I Hope You’re There,” Gone Ain’t Gone, 2005 Live in Studio

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