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05-23-08 Footnotes
Show 130: Buried Treasures, Al Green Review

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1 Web developers have finally created a way for iPhone and iPod Touch users to share files. Similar to the p2p file-sharing program Soulseek, iSlsk allows fans of the Apple phone to wirelessly swap music at fairly high speeds. This news comes just months prior to the release of the highly anticipated new 3-G iPhone. While consumers are waiting, Steve Jobs is working to extend Apple's lead in online music sales to the mobile market. Jobs would like to get into the ringtones and ringbacks business, but in order to do so he may have to work out a deal with record labels. According to speculation, Jobs may agree to a variable pricing plan in exchange for mobile delivery. Now we’ll have to see if digital music consumers are willing to give up low prices for convenience. We predict they will.

2 Boy band mogul Lou Pearlman was sentenced to 25 years in prison for swindling investors and major U.S. banks out of more than $300 million. Pearlman made his mark in the music industry after launching the careers of ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Pearlman’s legal team was looking for more leniency, but Jim and Greg don’t think the judge was harsh enough. Jim would tack on a few more years just for kicking off the boy band craze.

3 Earlier this year rapper Nas raised eyebrows after announcing plans to call his upcoming album “N*gger.” He saw it as a way to re-appropriate the word in a positive way. But now, the hip hop artist has decided to remove the provocative word from his release. Nas has suggested that he received pressure from his label to give the album a more retail-friendly title, but both Jim and Greg smell a publicity stunt.

4 “Rock and Roll Pirates” Jim and Greg dig up another trove of Buried Treasures this week. Here are the artists they think should be on your radar:

Local H
Big Dipper
Joan as Police Woman
Black Angels

Frightened Rabbit
Lyrics Born
Cloud Cult

5 Lay It Down is the latest release from Reverend Al Green. The Memphis based soul singer collaborated with Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson of The Roots for the album, which also features guest spots from Anthony Hamilton and Corinne Bailey Rae. Jim notes that Green could sing the phone book and make it compelling…and his lyrics are about as interesting as that. He’s trying to sing love songs, but whether they are about earthly or divine love is unclear. Greg agrees that the material is not very strong, but Green’s amazing voice overcomes it. Both Jim and Greg think Lay It Down is worth a listen and give the album a Burn It rating.

Songs Featured in Show #130
Orba Squara, “Perfect Timing (This Morning),” 2007
‘N Sync, “Bye Bye Bye,” No Strings Attached, 2000
Nas, “N.*.G.G.E.R (The Slave and the Master).” 2008
The One With Kid,” 12 Angry Months, 2008
Frightened Rabbit, The Modern Leper,” Midnight Organ Fight, 2008
UGK, “Real Women (Instrumental),” Underground Kingz, 2007
Dan Deacon, "Ultimate Reality," Ultimate Reality DVD, 2007
Big Dipper, "Faith Healer," Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology, 2008
Lyrics Born, "Don't Change," Everywhere at Once, 2008
Joan As Policewoman, "Christobel," Real Life, 2006
Cloud Cult, "No One Said It Be Easy," Feel Good Ghosts, 2008
No Age, "Cappo," Nouns, 2008
The Black Angels, "Doves," Directions to See a Ghost, 2008
Mudhoney, "The Lucky Ones," The Lucky Ones, 2008
Al Green, "Lay it Down," Lay it Down, 2008
Al Green, "Standing in the Rain," Lay it Down, 2008
Al Green, "I'm Wild About You," Lay it Down, 2008
Mike and Rich, "Mr. Frosty," Expert Knob Twiddlers, 1996
Ladybug Transistor, “Always on the Telephone,” Can't Wait Another Day, 2007
Saul Williams, “Convict Colony,” Live in Concert
Tomorrow, “My White Bicycle,” Tomorrow, 1986
Flight of the Conchords, “Inner City Pressure,” Flight of the Conchords, 2008
Los Campesinos! “The Year Punk Broke (My Heart),” Hold on Now, Youngster... , 2008

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