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05-20-11 Footnotes
Show 286:
Low live in the Studio, Review of Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi & Jim's DIJ
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1 Two names making a lot of news in recent weeks are Tyler the Creator and Odd Future. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is a hip-hop collective that has released a lot of mixtapes and free digital albums in the past few years, and they’ve been gaining quite a lot of attention and quite a reputation. Their style is characterized by skillful rapping, boundless energy and violent lyrics filled with rape and murder imagery. The central figure is Tyler the Creator, and his new album Goblin just made it to #5 on the Billboard chart. That’s a feat for a group that usually releases free music and would turn the stomachs of most mainstream music fans. Jim and Greg are interested to see how big audiences respond as the group continues to tour. So far the shows have been chaotic to say the least. And they also wonder if Tyler and Odd Future can graduate from the shock tactics into something more meaningful.

2 Next up the Minnesota band Low visits the studio to perform songs from its recent album C’mon. Low is often inaccurately labeled “slowcore,” because of their quiet sound. But they also know how to rock out and tackle everything from the war in Iraq to religion in their songs. Founding members Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk are not only band mates, but husband and wife and practicing Mormons. And after nine albums, they’ve gained a faithful following, which includes Robert Plant. He covered two of the band’s songs on his last release Band of Joy. Check out Low’s entire session on Sound Opinions via stream or video.

3 Danger Mouse is a serial collaborator. And lucky for us his relationships usually make for beautiful music. This time around he’s paired up with Italian composer Daniele Luppi to recreate the beautiful Italian soundtrack, or “Spaghetti Western” music of the 1960’s. The album is called Rome, and when Jim heard it he made a link to another one of Danger Mouse’s musical inspirations: Portishead. He applauds the record’s soul and grit, which is likely the result of recording with analog instruments in an old Italian church. Greg was worried about the starpower on this record; both Norah Jones and Jack White provide vocals. But they were terrific team players. And Danger Mouse has evolved into a great songwriter. The album evokes the past, but there’s nothing old about it. It gets a double Buy It rating.

4 Last week Jim and Greg talked about Riot Grrrl and played music from that era. But there were a lot of Riot Grrrl adjacent bands that mistakenly get lumped in with the movement. One such group was Babes in Toyland. Led by Kat Bjelland, they were ferocious and full of style and attitude. So much so, that many accuse Courtney Love of ripping the Babes off. Jim thinks their 1992 release Fontanelle is worth another listen, and adds the lead off track “Bruise Violet” to the Desert Island Jukebox.

Songs Featured in Show #286
Tyler, The Creator, “Yonkers,” Goblin, XL, 2011
Low, “Sunflower,” Things We Lost In The Fire, Kranky, 2001
Low, “Try To Sleep,” (Live On Sound Opinions), C’Mon, Sub Pop, 2011
Low, “Breaker,” Drums And Guns, Sub Pop, 2007
Robert Plant, “Monkey,” Band Of Joy, Rounder, 2010
Led Zeppelin, “Black Dog,” Led Zeppelin IV, Atlantic, 1971
Low, “You See Everything” (Live On Sound Opinions), C’Mon, Sub Pop, 2011
Low, “Long Way Around The Sea,” Christmas, Chairkickers’ Union Music, 1999
Low, “Witches” (Live On Sound Opinions), C’Mon, Sub Pop, 2011
Low, “California,” The Great Destroyer, Sub Pop, 2005
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, “Theme Of ‘Rome,’” Rome, Parlophone, 2011
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi , “The Rose With The Broken Neck,” Rome, Parlophone, 2011
Babes In Toyland, “Bruise Violet,” Fontanelle, Reprise, 1992
Aretha Franklin, “Call Me,” This Girl’s In Love With You, Atlantic, 1970
Runaways, “Cherry Bomb,” The Runaways, Mercury, 1976
Joni Mitchell, “Tax Free,” Dog Eat Dog, Geffen, 1985
Titus Andronicus, “Titus Andronicus Forever or Theme From ‘The Monitor,’” The Monitor, XL, 2010
Titus Andronicus, “Four Score And Seven,” The Monitor, XL, 2010

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