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08-09-13 Footnotes
Show 402: Lindsey Buckingham, Jim's DIJ

1 The Federal Justice department is showing a new interest in the iTunes store (and no, it’s not because the DOJ is downloading “Blurred Lines”). Following a case last month that found Apple guilty of e-book price-fixing, the Feds announced they would be seeking oversight of the iTunes stores operations. What effect that oversight might have on music prices remains to be seen.

2 Jim and Greg have admired Lindsey Buckingham’s solo albums for years, but during a stop on Fleetwood Mac’s recent tour, the guitarist was willing to indulge all of our burning questions about the band. Jim was out of town, so Greg took the reigns on this one and covered everything from his unique guitar style, to the Buckingham/Nicks years to the effects of all that ‘70s drug excess. Lindsey reveals that in today’s music environment, the band would’ve never lasted and credits the label with letting them tweak and reconfigure before hitting it big. He also talks about his ability to compartmentalize his relationship with Stevie Nicks and the work. Rumours is either the mark of insanity or courage! Lindsey also agrees with Greg that Tusk is the stepchild of the band's catalog, and you can either fault or credit him for that. And on the Stevie'd think their dynamic would've flatlined by now, but he admits that although married with children, he's still writing songs about her!

3 Jim celebrates pioneering rock critic Mick Farren with his DIJ pick this week. Farren passed away recently at age 69 in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion: onstage performing with his proto-punk band The Deviants. A star correspondent for Britain’s NME, Farren wasn’t content just writing about music; he also made it himself. The Deviants merged Fugs-style primitivism with the psychedelic weirdness of contemporaries like Hawkwind. Jim plays “Garbage”.” from the band’s 1969 debut, Ptooff!, an album that would go on to inspire later generations of UK punks.

Songs Featured in Show #402
Goose Island Credit Music: Pure Sunray, "Caramel," Pure Sunray, 2013
Talking Heads, “Don’t Worry About the Government,” 77, Sire, 1977
Fleetwood Mac, “Without You,” Extended Play, LMJS Productions, 2013
Buckingham Nicks, “Without a Leg to Stand On,” Buckingham Nicks, Polydor, 1973
Buckingham Nicks, “Frozen Love,” Buckingham Nicks, Polydor, 1973
Fleetwood Mac, “Oh Well,” Oh Well (Single), Reprise, 1969
Fleetwood Mac, “The Chain,” Rumours, Warner Bros., 1977
Fleetwood Mac, “Rhiannon,” Fleetwood Mac, Reprise, 1976
Merle Travis, “Cannonball Rag,” In Boston 1959, Rounder, 2003
Chet Atkins, “Country Gentleman,” Vintage Country No. 8 – EP: Country Gentleman, Vintage Music, 1958
Fleetwood Mac, “Bleed to Love Her,” The Dance, Reprise, 1997
Lindsey Buckingham, “To Try for the Sun,” Under the Skin, Reprise, 2006
Fleetwood Mac, “Go Your Own Way,” Rumours, Warner Bros., 1977
Fleetwood Mac, “Silver Springs,” Silver Springs (Single), Warner Bros./Reprise, 1976
Fleetwood Mac, “Tusk,” Tusk, Warner Bros., 1979
Fleetwood Mac, “Gypsy,” Mirage, Warner Bros., 1981
Fleetwood Mac, “Big Love (Live),” Tango in the Night, Warner Bros., 1987
Fleetwood Mac, “Say Goodbye (Live in Phoenix, 2013),” Say You Will, Reprise, 2003
Fleetwood Mac, “Sad Angel,” Extended Play, LMJS Productions, 2013
The Deviants, “Garbage,” Ptooff!, Impressario/Decca/Psycho, 1967
The Drifters, “Answer the Phone,” I’ll Take You Where The Music’s Playing, Rhino Atlantic, 2005
Tortoise, “I Set My Face to the Hillside,” TNT, Thrill Jockey, 1998
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, “Big Country,” Left of Cool, Warner Bros., 1998
Funkadelic, “Maggot Brain,” Maggot Brain, N/A, 1971
Mogwai, “Auto Rock,” Mr. Beast, Rock Action Records, 2006
Brian Eno, “1/1,” Ambient 1: Music for Airports, EG/Polydor/Virgin/GRT, 1978
Barry Black, “Chimps,” Tragic Animal Stories, Alias, 2007

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