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11-01-13 Footnotes
Show 414: A Classic Album Dissection of Astral Weeks, Lorde Review, Jim's DIJ

1 In LCD Soundsystem's 2005 debut album, singer/producer James Murphy says he's “Losing His Edge.” Well, 2 years after the project disbanded, we wondered if this is the case? Murphy has gone from punk and dance Broadway? He's composed original music for the Broadway revival of the Harold Pinter play Betrayal. But if you're going to lose your edge, this isn't a bad way to do it...the play stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, is produced by Scott Rudin and is directed by Mike Nichols. James talks about working with such luminaries and shares a tidbit on the forthcoming Arcade Fire release. Check out James Murphy’s visit to Sound Opinions.

2 Van Morrison recorded and released his masterpiece Astral Weeks 45 years ago, and to celebrate Jim and Greg conduct a Sound Opinions Classic Album Dissection. Astral Weeks didn’t produce huge hits, but as Jim and Greg explain, this record is unique from any other in Van Morrison’s collection, and in fact, in rock history. It melds rock, blues, folk and jazz in such a way that makes it hard to define. The jazz musicians who contributed to this sound were guitarist Jay Berliner, drummer Connie Kay and bassist Richard Davis. But, in addition to the music, Jim and Greg both marvel at the emotions conveyed by the songs on Astral Weeks. You hear Van Morrison struggle with the search for home and the impermanence of life. It’s as much a poem as it is an album, making it a classic in the Sound Opinions’ book.

3 Move over, Bieber, the newest wunderkind topping the charts is 16-year old New Zealand singer/songwriter, Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor; better known as Lorde. Her debut album, Pure Heroine, is out now, and Jim is a major fan. He likens her lyrics to existentialists like J.D. Salinger and her husky voice and minimal, electronic sound to Bats for Lashes crossed with Lily Allen. The combination of all those elements wins the album a Buy It from Jim. Greg, on the other hand, thinks Jim is smitten by the Kiwi teenager and is being overly generous with those comparisons. He also admires the record's minimal rhythms and drones, but he doesn't believe Lorde is quite yet the poet she's setting out to be. It's a promising start, though, and Greg thinks the album is worth a Burn It.

4 It’s safe to say that few artists did more to establish rock and roll than Lou Reed. In fact, both Jim and Greg said as much in their obituaries of the music legend, who died last week at age 71. He deserves more than just a track in the Desert Island Jukebox, but for this episode, one will have to do. It’s “Candy’s Room,” a song that, Jim explains, highlights Lou Reed’s contributions to Slowcore and his amazing sense of compassion.

Songs Featured in Show #414
Goose Island Credit Music: Pure Sunray, "Caramel," Pure Sunray, 2013
LCD Soundsystem, “Losing My Edge,” LCD Soundsystem, DFA, 2005
Arcade Fire, “Reflektor,” Reflektor, Merge, 2013
LCD Soundsystem, “I Can Change,” This Is Happening, DFA/Virgin, 2010
Van Morrison, "Astral Weeks," Astral Weeks, Warner Bros., 1968
Them, "Gloria," The Angry Young Them, Decca, 1965
Charles Mingus, “Track C—Group Dancers,” Impulse!, 1963
Van Morrison, "Brown Eyed Girl," Blowin' Your Mind!, Bang Records, 1967
Modern Jazz Quartet, "Willow Weep for Me," Fontessa, Atlantic, 1956
Van Morrison, "Ballerina," Astral Weeks, Warner Bros., 1968
Van Morrison, "Beside You," Astral Weeks, Warner Bros., 1968
Van Morrison, "Sweet Thing," Astral Weeks, Warner Bros., 1968
Van Morrison, "Cyprus Avenue," Astral Weeks, Warner Bros., 1968
Van Morrison, "Madame George," Astral Weeks, Warner Bros., 1968
Van Morrison, "Slim Slow Slider," Astral Weeks, Warner Bros., 1968
The Secret Machines "Astral Weeks," The Road Leads Where It's Led, Reprise, 2005
Lorde, “Tennis Court,” Pure Heroine, Universal, 2013
Lorde, “Royals,” Pure Heroine, Universal, 2013
The Velvet Underground, “Candy Says,” The Velvet Underground, MGM, 1969
Yoko One, “Mindweaver,” Season of Glass, Geffen, 1981
The Clash, “Wrong ‘Em Boyo,” London Calling, CBS/Epic/Legacy, 1979
Chad Mitchell Trio, “Lizzie Borden,” Mighty Day on Campus, Kapp, 1961
Neko Case, “Night Still Comes,” The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You, Anti, 2013
The Velvet Underground, “I Heard Her Call My Name,” White Light/White Heat, Verve, 1968

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